Pain relief tools for fast effective relief of Trigger points around the body.

  1. Pain Relief Tools – Triggersticks: Infamously known to most people as a KNOT!! Trigger points are hyper irritable spots in muscles. They are responsible for a large variety of aches and pains all over the body. These spots are associated with nodules that can be “palpated”, or felt in the affected muscles. These spots can either be “latent”, produce pain and discomfort in a localized area around the trigger point. Or they can be “active”, and refer pain and discomfort into other areas of the body. Trigger points are caused by a host of factors including stress, poor posture and long hours in front of a computer. Middle to long distance driving and certain sports also place strain on muscles.
  2. Pain Relief Tools – Fit Chairs: Sit on the fit chair. Your weight works with gravity ergonomically, adjusting your sitting posture to the most optimal condition. It will strengthen and relieve stress and fatigue on your abdominal back, chest muscles and shoulder pain. The Fit Chair improves your sitting posture while working at a desk and the ball can be removed to be used as an exercise ball.
  3. Pain Relief Tools – Memory Foam Pillows: Made from high density memory foam which molds to your unique contours. The Classic pillow has a standard shape. The memory foam provides good support and comfort. It Reduces tossing and turning while sleeping & Removable, washable cover + 3 year guarantee

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